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Strategic framework and Guidelines for the peace and stabilisation fund


Strategic Framework for the Peace and Stabilisation Fund

Guidelines for the Peace and Stabilisation Fund

English version
Published: June 2023 

Annex 1 - Guidance Relating to Content of Programme and Project Documents 

Annex 2 - Model Process Action Plan for Programme Formulation

Annex 3 - Standard Templates 

  The template above does not include the agreement document

used for projects below DKK 10 million. The standard template for                  these projects, including the agreement document, can be found                  here.

Annex 4 - Format for Time and Cost Extensions 


The present Strategic Framework is complemented by a set of Guidelines. Together the two documents outline the main principles of the Peace and Stabilisation Fund ("the Fund") and aim at making the Fund more fit-for-purpose.

The Guidelines for the Peace and Stabilisation Fund (“the Guidelines”) provide a common overarching framework for the management of activities financed by the Fund. The purpose of the Guidelines is to facilitate coherence and integration of stabilisation initiatives across authorities despite differences in mandates and operational measures and processes. The Guidelines describe the overall principles and considerations behind the Fund as well as the programming processes and cycle.

As reflected in the annexes above, the Guidelines draw on existing guidelines such as the Danida Aid Management Guidelines (AMG). Annex 3 provides an overview of standard templates and includes links to all relevant complementary administrative guidelines, whereas the other templates are specifically meant for the Fund. Where there are special processes regulating the Fund these will be mentioned explicitly.

For further information and enquiries, please contact Department for Migration, Peace and Stabilization (MIGSTAB) [email protected]