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Guidelines for Country Strategic Frameworks Programmes and Projects


Standard Annexes

Country Strategic Framework (CSF)


Projects and Programmes - Identification

Formulation, Quality Assurance and Approval


Completion and Closure


Guidelines for Country Strategic Frameworks, Programmes & Projects

A number of revisions have been made to the bilateral guidelines of November 2020 together with a couple of precisions.

Link to updated document (PDF) (Updated: February 2022)

The main changes are:

Possibilities for wider use of the Country Strategic Framework format

The format for Country Strategic Framework can be applied to other types of interventions, for instance regional and thematic engagements, which do not constitute a programme proper; but only in cases, where the planned interventions cannot fit into existing modalities.

The climate and green agenda: A key priority

All potential development projects/programmes/portfolios must undergo targeted screening with a view to either targeting or mainstreaming climate change, nature and/or environmentally related issues in response to Denmark’s international climate commitments, including on climate finance.

Political consultation related to the strategic country framework

Prior to initiating the formulation process proper, the Minister undertakes an early consultation with Foreign Affairs Committee (Udenrigsudvalget – URU) for the members to provide input into the subsequent formulation process of the strategic country framework. This is a new process.

Portfolios managed by HQ

To address new ways of working a new category of interventions have been added, namely portfolios managed by HQ, encompassing contributions to trust funds, INGOs, etc. within a thematic or regional area. The portfolio approach should lead to a more efficient and effective way of working by taking a more holistic view related to engagements over a number of years.

Quality assurance of results frameworks

To strengthen the quality assurance of results frameworks a new process is introduced in addition to the existing overall quality assurance and approval process. During formulation and appraisal stages the results framework is often of preliminary nature to be finalised out during the inception phase. Prior to the start of implementation phase,  final quality control of the full results framework will be undertaken by ELK, followed by uploading of the final donor version in PMI/RFI.

Annual Internal Stocktaking

The senior Management will undertake annual internal stocktaking with all units.

Unallocated funds

For engagements where political decisions will determine the future course of action, the rule for unallocated funds only apply to the committed part of the budget, not pledges in future budget years (BO-årene).

Annual Portfolio Performance Report (APPR)

The Annual Portfolio Performance Report is integrated into the Compliance Report, which takes a holistic view of major aspects of the administration of development cooperation.   


For further information and enquiries, please contact Department for Evaluation, Learning and Quality (ELK) [email protected]