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Archive/Guidelines for policy papers for priority countries

Last revised: September 2018

View publication: pdf (Document under revision)

The priority country policy papers provide a single integrated presentation of Denmark’s policy towards a given priority country which encompasses Denmark’s entire engagement and strategic direction in a country, i.e. foreign and security policy, development cooperation, climate policy and commercial relations. 

The Guidelines for Priority Country Policy Papers and the Guidelines for Programmes and Projects form a coherent package and should be used together.

The guidelines for policy papers for priority countries have been updated: 

  • It has been decided that the process of preparing policy papers should be parallel with the process of preparing country programmes. Hence, draft policy papers should be presented to the Programme Committee at the same time as the concept note for the country programme.
  • The draft policy paper is no longer discussed in the MFA Management (KLF). Hence, the Programme Committee is the single internal body for quality assurance of the policy paper.
  • The approval process has been changed. The final draft of policy papers is presented to the Ministers for final approval after the discussion in the Council for Development Policy and before presentation to the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee (URU).

For further information and enquiries, please contact Department for Africa, Policy and Development [email protected]