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The SDG Facility

In transition and growth economies, including countries that are no longer priority countries for Danish international development assistance or, where development programmes are currently being phased out, Denmark has a unique opportunity to support strategically important development activities. Therefore, a ‘Sustainable Development Goals Facility’ has been established to enable selected embassies to respond to opportunities that might arise in cooperation with civil society, public authorities, private sector representatives and social partners.

The SDG facility distributes funding through two windows:

The opportunity window, for smaller activities with a maximum budget of DKK 500,000 and a maximum time frame of 12 months, including administrative closure. Funding through this window covers a wide range of projects (seminars, workshops, trainings, travel expenses, cultural events, etc.) that may focus on any of the 17 SDGs.

The engagement window, for activities with a minimum budget of DKK 500,000, a maximum budget of DKK 5 million and a recommended time frame of no more than 2 years, including administrative closure. Funding through this window is allocated based on applications and covers activities with a strategic focus on SDGs prioritised for transition and growth economies.

Guidelines for use of the SDG facility, Updated October 2022 (PDF)

Annex 1: What is ODA (PDF)

Annex 2: Grant Chart (excel)

Annex 3: Appropriation Cover Note (word)

Annex 4: Standard Activity Agreement for Projects under the Opportunity Window (word)

Annex 5: Template for Terms of Reference Audit (word)

Annex 6: Project Completion Sheet (word)

Annex 7: Mini-Project Document (projects below DKK 10 million) (word)

Annex 8: Quality Assurance Checklist (word)

Annex 9: Final Results Report below DKK 10 million (word)

Annex 10: Form for Applications under the Engagement Window (word)



For further information and enquiries, please contact Department for Financial management, oversight and support in relation to grants (TILSKUD) [email protected]