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Guidelines for Strategic Sector Cooperation

Danish Authorities in International Cooperation

The guidelines describe the overall strategic framework for Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) and provide guidance on the preparation and implementation of SSC projects funded with development assistance as well as specific administrative procedures. The guidelines are a living document and may be revised as needs arise. The latest version available on the internet should always be consulted for the most recent update.

The guidelines introduce a new approach to budgeting and calculation of fees and overhead for the Danish Public Authorities. The new approach applies only to grants for the 8 new projects approved as part of the 2017 expansion of the SSC program or later, while earlier grants will continue to apply the previous formats and regulations for budgeting and accounting. 

Guidelines 2017 (new)

Link to SSC-guidelines November 2017 - full version (PDF)

Annexes to guidelines

Annex 1A: Procedure for strategic matchmaking

Annex 1B: Application form for allocation of new SCC engagement (Strategic Matchmaking)

Annex 2: Inception Project Document

Annex 3: Full SSC Project Document

Annex 4: Work plan

Annex 5: Planning and budget templates

Annex 6: Background study

Annex 7A: Format for annual accounts

Annex 7B: Annual accounts (old scheme)

Annex 8A: Balance of annual spending

Annex 8B: Balance of annual spending (old scheme)

Annex 9: Template for narrative annual sector report

Annex 10: Template for annual 1-page report

Annex 11: Template for Completion Report for Inception Project

Annex 12: Template for Completion Report for full SSC project

Annex 13A: Template for final accounts (new regime)

Annex 13B: Final accounts (old regime)

Annex 14: Concept note for phase 2 project

Annex 15: Template for Terms of Reference for SSC Steering Committee

Annex 16: Template for Terms of Reference for experts and external consultants

Annex 17: Instructions for external auditors (Revisionsinstruks)

Guidelines 2015 (previous)
Link to SSC-guidelines March 2015 - full version, incl. annexes (PDF)
View entire publication: pdf.  
View Section 1: pdf.
View Section 2: pdf.




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