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Guidelines and templates for development cooperation agreements

Guidelines for Development Cooperation Agreements outlines how Danish Embassies and departments enter into agreements with partners. All development cooperation which involves obligations of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be defined in a written document, describing the parties’ rights and obligations.

There are four types of agreements:

• Country agreement
• General agreement with multilateral organisations, international organisations or NGOs
• Programme support agreement
• Agreement with implementing partner

Guidelines for agreements on development cooperation are available under 'Tools and Templates' ('Agreements') here 


A country agreement is needed when Danish cooperation includes Danish contracted works and services (e.g. long and short term advisors). Denmark has entered into country agreements in most partner countries. You can find the template for a country agreement in EnglishFrench and Spanish.

A General agreement with international organisation or NGO is needed before any disbursement to an international or multilateral organisation can be made. The General Agreement specifies basic obligations of execution, e.g. the scope of cooperation, agreement on the level of overhead as well as financial reporting procedures. There is no template for this type of agreements

A programme support agreement covers a sector support programme. It is an umbrella agreement for the underlying agreements with implementing partners participating in the programme. The programme support agreement assures that partner country government assent to the Danish financed activities and participation of the implementing partners. You can find the template for a programme support agreement here (revised April 2015).

Implementation of Development Engagements under a (country) programme are managed by implementing partner agreements to which the Development Engagement Document is annexed. Use the template (revised June 2015) for bilateral agreements with implementing partner with Development Engagement Document (revised April 2015) as annex.

For projects below 10 mill. DKK, please refer to this Development Engagement Document (June 2015). The template includes standard text on financial management, monitoring and evaluation, and anticorruption etc. and is developed to assist missions/departments in ensuring that these elements are clearly described in the partner agreements.  


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