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Guidelines for the Peace and Stabilisation Fund


Guidelines for the Peace and Stabilisation Fund

English version
Published: February 2014

Annex A - Principles of the Peace and Stabilisation Fund

Annex B - Template for Appropriation Note

Annex C - Template for feedback and financial reporting 

Annex D - Overview of tasks and project documentation

Annex E - Considerations regarding financing. Changed the 14 June, old version can be found under 'Archive'

Annex F - Overview of security-related DAC and ‘non-DAC’able’ activities

The Guidelines for the Peace and Stabilisation Fund (“the Guidelines”) provide a common overarching framework for the management of activities financed by the Peace and Stabilisation Fund (“the Fund”). The purpose of the guidelines is to facilitate coherence and integration of stabilisation initiatives across authorities despite differences in mandates and operational measures and processes. The Guidelines is the principal management and administration framework for preparation, management and completion of all activities under the Fund.

The Guidelines provide guidance on how to prepare and manage activities financed by the Fund whilst drawing on existing guidelines such as the Danida Aid Management Guidelines (AMG) and where relevant OECD DAC Guidelines for engagement in fragile and conflict-affected situations (for details regarding relationship between complementary guidelines please see section 3.3). Furthermore, it defines the requirements for approval processes and administrative procedures and includes links to all relevant complementary administrative guidelines. Where there are special processes regulating the Fund these will be mentioned explicitly. The overall principles and considerations behind the Fund as well as the programming processes and cycle are described.

PSED Level Report (October 2016)

PSF Programme Level Report (October 2016)

'How to note' when drafting PSEDs


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