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Capacity development

Guidance note on Danish support for Capacity Development

(English Version)
Date published: January 2011
View publication: pdf


Guide to Political Economy and Stakeholder Analysis at Sector Level

(English Version)
Date published: January 2011
View publication: pdf


Background reading:

A Results-Oriented Approach to Capacity Change (ROACH)

Capacity Development Evaluation:

Step 1: Contributions to an Analytical Framework

Step 2: Desk Study of Danish Sector Programme Support and Mifresta Interventions

Step 3: Draft Methodology for Evaluation of Capacity Development

Step 4: Between Naivety and Cynicism - A Pragmatic Approach to Donor Support for Public-Sector Capacity Development




Ministry of Foreign Affairs


2 Asiatisk Plads

DK-1448 Copenhagen K


Tel. +45 33 92 00 00

For further information and enquiries please contact Department for Technical Quality Support


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Policy for Danida Capacity Development Support Programme