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Guidelines for Programmes and Projects January 2017

With effect from January 2017, new Guidelines for Programmes and Projects replace the following guidelines and guidance notes:

- Guidelines for Country Programmes,
- Guidelines for Programmes or Projects above DKK 37 Million,
- Guidelines for Programmes or Projects up to DKK 37 Million,
- Guideline to Risk Management,
- Guidelines for Completion of Programmes and Projects,
- Guiding principles for Programme Support Mechanisms,
- Guidelines for Agreements on International Development Cooperation,
- Guiding note on Theory of Change.

Main changes in the new guidelines include:

• One Guideline for Programmes and Projects, instead of three.
• The process of preparing country policy papers has been simplified by merging the approval processes for country policy papers and country programmes. Furthermore, a lighter format for country policy papers has been introduced.
• Introduce a new joint analytical catalogue, replacing 4 separate formats.
• Reduced number of engagements in country programmes from 25 to 15.
• Introduction of communication plan for all larger programmes.
• Introduction of annual dialogue on results.
• Stronger focus on anti-corruption.
• The scope of the guidelines has been extended in order to be more relevant and useful for regional programmes.
• Quality assurance processes have been simplified and made more efficient by introducing a more flexible approach to when and how quality assurance takes place, including both the early stage of the process and during implementation.
• The grant authority for Heads of Unit has been raised from DKK 5 to 10 million.
• The Internal Grant Committee has been closed and the Under-Secretaries have been given the authority to recommend grant proposals with a budget up to DKK 37 million for final approval by the Minister.
• The External Grant Committee and the Council for Development Policy have been merged into one, single advisory body advising the Minister on both strategies/policies as well as grant proposals with a budget of more than DKK 37 million.