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Guidelines for Approval of Grant Appropriations, Strategies and Policies 

(English version)
Published: January 2014
Last revised: February 2016 
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The guidelines replace Guidelines for Presentations to the Programme Committee, Danida Grant Committees, and Council for Development Policy (April 2015).

These consolidated guidelines describe the procedures within Danida/Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for presentation and approval of appropriations for grants to projects and programmes and the processes for presentation and approval of policy and strategy documents. The procedures also reflect processes and formats introduced to increase the openness and transparency in the administration of Danish development cooperation.

It is emphasized that all documents submitted to the Programme Committee and the Council for Development Policy are made available to the public and the responsible representations/units hold the sole responsibility for quality assurance of the documents. All concept notes and grant proposals should be submitted in English.

The public consultation process and budgetary requirements on annual commitments imposed by the Danish Ministry of Finance imply that deadlines for submission of concept notes to the Programme Committee must be strictly adhered to.

It should also be noted that representations/units are responsible for incorporating comments from the Programme Committee in the program preparation process prior to appraisal and that the response from the representation/unit to the recommendations made during appraisal will be part of the annexes to the grant proposals, when submitted to the Council for Development Policy.

All documents submitted to the Programme Committee and the Council for Development Policy will be uploaded on Danida’s transparency website.



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Template for covernotes for presentations to the Council for Development policy can be found in the template box here.