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Management of Danish multilateral development cooperation

The guidelines apply to all MFA units with responsibility for managing parts of Denmark’s engagement with multilateral development and humanitarian organisations.

Guidelines for Management of Danish Multilateral Development Cooperation

Published: December 2014
View publication: pdf.  

Major changes from previous guidelines are:

  • Organisation Strategies are to be prepared for multilateral and international organisations receiving above DKK 10 million in annual core contributions. Thus, a new appropriation limit of DKK 10 million in annual core contribution has been introduced. For core contributions below this amount, there is no requirement for preparation of an Organisation Strategy.
  • Organisation Strategies continue to be either long (appropriation limit being raised from DKK 35 million to DKK 37 million) or short (from DKK 10 million up to DKK 37 million in average annual core contribution)
  • A new paragraph is included on administration of appropriations up to DKK 10 million in annual core contributions.
  • It is emphasized that the Guidelines apply to cooperation with multilateral and international organisations.
  • Regarding priority areas for cooperation with the organization, 2-3 substantive areas, linked to the mandate of the organization, should be identified for long Organisation Strategies, and 1-2 substantive areas for short Organisation Strategies. In addition, two organizational areas should be addressed: organizational reform efforts, and anti-corruption efforts (to be combined in short strategies).
  • Greater harmonization is ensured between the content and format of an Organisation Strategy, and the content and format of a concept note for an Organisation Strategy.
  • A requirement is introduced to prepare a factual one-pager to accompany Organisation Strategies, including when presenting the Strategy to MFA’s management and the minister.
  • A paragraph is included on the possibility to prepare a Strategy Note, rather than an Organisation Strategy, in cases where an organisation does not have a formal governing body.
  • The requirement has been removed that new core contributions to organisations being supported for the first time should be presented to one of the Grant Committees.
  • It is emphasized that in cases of special strategic interest related to an organisation, or first time cooperation with an organisation, appraisals may be carried out of any appropriation above DKK 10 million. A template for Terms of Reference for appraisals has been included as annex.
  • The list of organisations in annex 1 is updated (to be revised as and when required).

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