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Guidelines for Programmes and Projects

This page provides access to the general guidelines for preparation and implementation of country programmes, programmes and projects.

Danida's general guidelines for aid management have been revised as part of the modernisation of Denmark's development cooperation.

Guidelines for Country Programmes have been in force since August 2013 and Guidelines for Programmes and Projects up to and above 37 mill. DKK have been in force since March 2014 (revised February 2016 and June 2015 respectively).

Below are links to the new generation of guidelines and to the right are tools and templates for Programmes and Projects not covered by Country Programmes.


Guidelines for Country Programmes   (April 2015)

The Guidelines for Country Programmes and the Guidelines for Priority Country Policy Papers form a coherent package and should be used together.

Until all Danish development cooperation with priority countries has been synchronised to the country programme cycle, new programmes should be prepared and implemented according to the Guidelines for Programmes and Projects above DKK 37 million below.


Guidelines for Programmes and Projects above 37 mill. DKK  (June 2015)

These guidelines apply for grants above DKK 37 million that are not part of a country programme in a Danida priority country.   

Guidelines for Programmes and Projects up to 37 mill. DKK  (February 2016) 

These guidelines apply for grants not exceeding DKK 37 million. Please note that they replace "Guidelines for programme management" and "Guidelines for local grant authority (LGA)"



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