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Guidelines for Programmes

The Guidelines for Programmes and the Guidelines for Priority Country Policy Papers form a coherent package and should be used together.

In the interim period until Danish development cooperation with all priority countries has been synchronised to the country programme cycle, new programmes should be prepared and implemented according to Guidelines for Programmes and Projects above 35 million DKK.

(English version)
Last revised: April 2015
View publication: pdf.

The following major changes have been made to the new version:
• The maximum number of development engagements and partners has been reduced from 30 to 25.
• The guidelines now include a section on theory of change.
• More guidance on monitoring and results reporting and a revised results framework that include the annual reporting output levels.
• More guidance and focus on fragile contexts and how flexibility can be applied in countries affected by fragility and conflicts, including in regards to resource efficiency.
• Finally, the maximum size of the country programme document has been increased from 25 to 35 pages, excluding annexes.