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Guidelines for policy papers for Denmark's relations with priority countries

Last revised: April 2015
View publication: pdf.

These guidelines have been in force since January 2013 and replace the ‘Guidelines for the development of policy papers for Denmark’s relations with partner countries’ from March 2012.

The priority country policy papers provide a single integrated presentation of Denmark’s policy towards a given priority country which encompasses Denmark’s entire engagement and strategic direction in a country, i.e. foreign and security policy, development cooperation, climate policy and commercial relations. 

The Guidelines for Country Programmes and the Guidelines for Priority Country Policy Papers form a coherent package and should be used together.

The guidelines for policy papers for priority countries have been updated: 

  • First, it has been decided to carry out all presentations and hearings based on a draft paper – as opposed to first having to process the paper based on a synopsis and then repeating some of the process based on a final draft.
  • Secondly, the consultations are now carried out in two sessions: The paper is in parallel submitted to both the Programme Committee and the MFA Management (KLF) and then in parallel to the Council for Development Policy and the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee.
  • Lastly, it is emphasized in the guidelines that the policy paper entails all instruments and sets out the strategy for Denmark’s relations with the country regarding foreign and security policy, development cooperation and commercial relations. 





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